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Years of Experience

We practice what we preach and we’re always improving on our training systems.

We have 40+ combined years of insurance experience! We’re former Captive Agents that understand the many pitfalls and career roadblocks that you face as a Captive Agent. That’s why we formed Pacific Crest Services in 2009. Nothing satisfies us more than your success. Join us today!



Captive to Independent

We turn captive insurance agents like yourself – into successful independent agents.

It’s true! We have a time-tested and proven process that has allowed us to successfully transition over 465 Captive Agents into full-blown Independent Insurance Agents! Our system works and our team is ready to help you today! Give us a call or use our contact form – let’s talk today!



Insurance Carriers

Our 300+ carrier partners set Pacific Crest Services apart from our competitors.

As an Independent Insurance Agent with Pacific Crest Services YOU will have access to direct appointments with our carrier partners. Mass Insurance Carriers gives you the POWER to be able to write more policies, to better help your clients, and to run a highly successful insurance agency!

Your success in life isn't based on your ability to simply change. It is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers, and business.

- Mark Sanborn

Watch this short video and contact us today.

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Getting used to where you're at is a dangerous place to be.

If you’re not actively planning a move into starting and managing your own Oregon Independent insurance agency or you’re not successfully growing your existing independent agency, then you’re never going to reach the full potential that your career has to offer you! Join forces with us, stop investing your time, hard work, talent, and effort into the dreams and goals of a stagnant Oregon captive insurance agency.

Invest in you! That's the secret.

Trust our 40+ years of experience and our ability and dedication to transition 465 Captive Agents into successful Independent Agents! Invest in your future - don't wait.

Systems - Support - Teamwork

When you join forces with Pacific Crest Services, you're locking into an entire team of professionals whose sole focus is to help you succeed and to grow your agency!


You have two choices going forward:

(1) You can continue to be a Oregon Captive Insurance Agent and slowly watch your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow getting farther away as you build someone else's dreams for them.

(2) You can decide to step up to the challenge, invest in yourself, push forward in your career and grow your own strong and successful Oregon independent insurance agency. Contact us and grow your brand!

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"If you always do what you've always done, then you'll always get, what you've always got."

- Henry Ford

The many pains of being a Oregon captive insurance agent won't go away on their own. Or maybe your existing Oregon independent agency needs a strong support system and more options for your clients! Take control of your future.


How long will you continue to accept smaller commissions and wages?

It’s the simple nature of the game that larger businesses of any kind, especially captive insurance companies, will always continue to cut benefits from their employees when they’re in a pinch or when the economy gets tough. They have to come up with savings somewhere to remain competitive in the marketplace, so where better than to reach deep into your pockets (their faithful and loyal employee), into your earnings, your benefit packages, and into your commission percentages of the many policies you write for them?

That would not happen if you were in charge of your own independent insurance agency; it wouldn’t happen to you if you were the boss and you called your own shots!


Wouldn't you like to be able to give your clients better insurance options?

If you really do care about the policies you write and the people you write them for (which we hope you do) – who trust that you’re doing your very best… Then you should want to be able to give them more insurance options to choose from, a better custom fit for their lifestyle, and a captive insurance agency simply doesn’t allow that for you. They operate as a “one size fits all” type of operation and that simply does not work when you have so many unique circumstances, situations, and possibilities within your client portfolio.

Find out what it feels like to have a powerful alliance of 300+ premium carriers from which you can pick, pull, and choose policies that better fit your clients!


How long will you continue to build someone else's dreams for them?

Corporate cutbacks, recessions, or poor economies aside; you’re still working hard each day and building dreams for people higher up than yourself in the pecking order. We know, going out on your own is not a sure thing, it can be a scary proposition when compared to the security you have “if you just stay put” in your captive agent position. But is that really your plan for your future – “to stay put?” – “to not grow?” – “to not find out how successful you can be on your own while calling your own shots?” Contact us and explore your options!

Trust our 40+ years of experience! You can trust our dedicated teams, our training packages, our systems, and our 300+ carriers to help you succeed!

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We're currently accepting new agents - don't delay your prosperity!

We're currently accepting new agents - don't delay your prosperity!

Pacific Crest Services is an Insurance Alliance that provides insurance agents a proven path to guide and grow their independent insurance agencies. More than just carrier appointments and higher commissions, we provide the right training and development for agents to succeed.

At Pacific Crest Services, we make everything as simple as possible for the agents. Our agency coordination team helps with everything from E&O, carrier appointments, to getting them set up with direct deposits, policy downloads, and compliance standards.

If you are looking to become an independent insurance agent or start an insurance agency we can help. Thank you for visiting our site today – now take the next step and talk with us.


"I joined Pacific Crest about 3 years ago and it has been the best decision I have ever made. The level of support and access to carriers helps me service my clients. The team is always available to step in and assist whenever asked. If you're looking for a true partner that will help you grow your business, this would be an awesome company to partner with."

- Michel Hambrick, 5-Star Google Review

Take the Challenge!

Now is the time for you to realize that there are limitations in your career as a captive insurance agent. Many you know already and some will appear to you and will affect you in the years ahead. Making the transition to an independent insurance agent puts you in control of your career. Talk to us today!


You won't be alone!

If you are a captive insurance agent right now – do not leave our website without contacting us today. You owe it to yourself to reach out and to talk with our dedicated team. You’ll see and hear our professionalism, that we know the insurance business well, and that we’ll be here to help you transition smoothly!

Think "outside the box!"

The captive insurance world is restrictive in nature. You’ll have more income earning potential when you own an independent agency, we give you 300+ carriers to choose from, we help you with compliance, and our time-tested systems have helped nearly 500 captive agents before you.


Make time to contact us!

To come to our website and read this far down the page, and then to leave without ever reaching out to us or asking us questions is literally a life-changing decision. You owe it to yourself to be blown away by our professionalism, our experience, and this opportunity set before you today!

"I've been an independent agent with Pacific Crest Services for 10 yrs now. The partnership has been excellent! The back office support is great, their friendly staff are all eager to help you. It's especially comforting when I go on vacation and disconnect, my employees have someone to reach out to for help. 10 Stars from me!."

- Javier Villanueva, 5-Star Google Review

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